The Brand Story

Driven by the passion for organic farming, two young entrepreneurs born in Karnataka left their well-placed corporate jobs to create India’s most ethical organic brand, OATH ORGANIC. They wished to create a meaningful business by connecting to their roots. It all started at Sirsi – This brand story originates from the undiscovered spice garden of Karnataka.
Dwelling in the farms of Sirsi, the founders Shanker and Tarun managed to create a name for the authentic organic spices. They consciously nurtured it under strict organic practices and cultivated only from certified organic fields. They retained the freshness of every spice through meticulous organic processing and packaging in compliance with international quality and food safety standards at certified processing units.

The lush land of Sirsi grew their passion for organic and moved it towards sustainability. As founders of the brand, they decided to create a circular ecosystem for the spice farming tribal families and more importantly to enable financial independence for the tribal women.
Every purchase from OATH ORGANIC, contributes to providing an income source to the tribal families of Sirsi and helps to escalate the empowerment of women with employment and financial independence.
OATH ORGANIC takes pride in the rich aroma, flavor and nourishment of its spices and its honesty and commitment to sustainability.


Tarun has been a strategic problem solver and change maker through his decade of business leadership with key experiences in the F&B sector. His love for food translated into years of exploration with cooking and flavors. When 2020 hit, Tarun got a chance to visit his grandfather in Sirsi. Here, he was awestruck not just with the beauty of this undiscovered region of South India but also the rich flavors of the home grown spices. Since his grandfather was a friend of the rural community’s head, Tarun decided to dig deeper. The opportunity of making these rich spices available to the masses excited him. His grandfather suggested having a base right at Sirsi, to ensure that a connection is maintained with the farming community. The chance of being away from screens and the virtual world, seemed lucrative as the fresh air of farmlands always called to Tarun … and that is how it all began at Oath.

Shanker belonged to a business family and pursued his diploma in industrial electronics. Along the years, he realized that a solid base in marketing and sales would help him more in his entrepreneurial journey. He went to Singapore for a degree in business development. Here he was exposed to sustainability, circularity and new ideas that intrigued the entrepreneur in him. Once back in India, he joined his family’s business in construction. He soon realized that there was limited scope to provide employment support to women in this sector. He was on the look-out for newer opportunities to expand, when Tarun called him about an exciting organic food venture. Stepping into agricultural sector would fulfill Shanker’s long due wish of supporting women employment in the country and also exploring sustainable practices in business. The rightly timed call commenced Shanker’s journey at Oath.

Company Profile

OATH Organic is a certified organic brand, by IHA Orgnanics Pvt. Ltd. adopting a circular approach. IHA cares for the land that yields the produce, the spice that brings flavor to your food and the farming tribes that make it all happen.

Sirsi, the land of spices, is the motherland of tribal farmers as well as for OATH Organic. IHA works with the local community and the tribal farmers to create a balanced ecosystem of empowerment and sustainability.

Their people first approach ensures that they work with high safety standards and eliminate all hazards to create appropriate working  conditions for the employees. Stringent quality assurances and quality control processes guarantee that only the purest and the richest spice reaches your shelf.

OATH Organic by IHA is the promise of authentic and wholesome, high-grade spices that are processed using industry approved standards, and nurtured in the care of native tribes.


Sustainable is the way of nature. It creates and maintains the conditions under which all life can exist in productive harmony and fulfil the social, economic and other requirements of the present and the future generations. Oath Organic pledges sustainability for Sirsi and its native tribes that engage in spice agriculture.

Organic farming is one of the several approaches found to meet the objectives of sustainable agriculture. It conserves our soil and water resources, protects our climate, improves agro diversity, ensures biodiversity, meets the demand for food and safeguards livelihoods.

We use only 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable materials for our packaging, to bring the best of convenience, quality and sustainability into our products.Consumers of Oath Organic products can contribute towards the impact in the lives of the tribal families.Invest in a self-sustaining organic spices cultivation system, where the soil is considered sacred and nurtured for better yields. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can do what the planet needs.