Our spices are produced sustainably using organic and regenerative farming methods that are beneficial for the environment. We ensure that our products are minimally processed and are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other added chemicals. ‘OATH ORGANIC’ promises to be a genuine organic brand, with an uncompromising qualitative approach at every stage from sowing to packaging.


Build India’s most trusted brand while retaining Bio-Diversity, reviving soil and providing a better living to the tribal farmers.

To promote authentic organic spices, foods, protect the soil, water and air against the harms of chemical overuse.


Provide dignified employment to the spice-farming tribal families. Support tribal women’s participation in the workforce and enable their financial independence.

Our Product Range

Our Journey

The journey of Oath Organic begins in a small town of Southern India. Sirsi is a mesmerizing city of temples, pilgrimage sites and waterfalls in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

Home to valleys and gardens of spice – its tropical climate serves as a hot bed for flavorfilled spices.

In the Medieval Period of India, Sirsi was called Kalyanapattana (the town of welfare) when it was under the reign of the Sonda dynasty. Today – it is the largest town and business hub of the district.

A bio-diversity hotspot, Sirsi is surrounded by thick forests and towering hills that nurture the best of flora and fauna. Situated at an elevation of 1936 ft and blessed with pleasant weather, it has an extremely conducive ecology for the spices’ natural aroma, flavor and nutrients to blossom.


Our farm lands have undergone a stringent three-year transformation period and received certification as per organic standards. We have consciously eliminated and prohibited all environmentally hazardous practices in our Chemical Free Farms.

Free from chemicals, pesticides and any practices that could pollute the soil, water or air, our organic farming uses sustainable and environment-friendly methods to bring you the best of nature.


Oath Organic spices are grown in the lap of nature, surrounded by all that it needs to flourish. We add organic manure as a natural fertilizer for the crop, ensuring a non-GMO and insecticide/ pesticide free produce.

Just as everything in nature, our products may not have the shine or the high-contrast color of excessively processed or refined produce. Instead, it holds the promise of wholesome nourishment, flavor and aroma.


No Artificial Color. No Added Preservatives. No Chemical Processes. An increased shelf-life free of bacteria attacks with a simple, natural and age-old sterilization process. Instead of harmful chemicals, nothing but life-giving water is used to sterilize the spices with steam. This natural sterilization process destroys microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses and keeps the produce safe and nutrition intact.